About Him, Them, And Us.

Gather around little children (and not so little children and Non children of all shapes and sizes) while this old man tells you the tale about some really stupid alcoholics who like to sit around a microphone bantering and yelling at each other while playing some games.

 P.E.P.P. Players and Banters

  • James -“Jimmy Jam Jam” – “The Laughing Saint” Curatello
  • William “Volstag” Wohslen
  • Andrew – “Lazy” – “Sandross” Misuraca
  • David-“Affirmative Action” – “The Bleeding Saint” Johnson
  • Bacchi “Fire Vigilante” Bacchi
  • Sanj “sim sim salabim”
  • Devin “White Supremacist” Regnier
  • Matthew “mattattack” Woitovich
Pepp players
James- Will- Andrew- David- Bacchi- Sanj- Devin- Matt.


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