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This is where we play our tabletop games and go through adventures all while making fun of each other for your enjoyment.

Actual Play: A Million Dollars But…

Listen this week as the guys play a Rooster Teeth Game called “A Million Dollars but…”

They show why it’s a good purchase and a all around fun game to play.

We know it’s been awhile since we posted.  We apologize and intend to fix that.  Look for new episodes in the future.


This Weeks Episode is brought to you by the “Boo Boo Eraser”.

Music belongs to Scott Holms.


Supernatural Campaign: Rituals

Join our Players as they play their third game of this Supernatural Campaign.  Will they kick this new foes ass, or will it be too much for out players.  Today’s players are Matt Attack, David Zero, Vobskin, Sanjay, God (Jimmy Jam Jam), and Special Guest TOFR.

Supernatural RPG Campaign: Episode 1: The Essential Journey

Join our Players for the first game of our Supernatural Campiagn: The Essential Journey.  Please Enjoy this new story, from the supernatural world.


The Supernatural Corebook is written by Jamie Chambers.  All rights belong to the CW.