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Will and Bacchi have started a Star Wars podcast, where they will talk about everything and all Star Wars.  If you love star wars this is the podcast for you.

Dex’s Diner Talk: Episode 4 – Feelings on The Last Jedi Trailers.

We apologize for our latest episode coming out so late.   Due to new work hours, Bacchi and Will just couldn’t find the time to record a new episode.  Well it is official.  They finally have a set schedule and will be recording Monthly for now on.  We know that is not a whole lot, but it does give us more things to talk about Star Wars.  More Content sounds good right?   Anyway, we welcome you to our new episode, and look soon as we will talk about the movie.  For now enjoy Episode 4: Feelings on The Last Jedi Trailers!   If you want to hear other trailers, stick around till the end of the episode.

Dex’s Diner Talk: Episode 3 – Home From Celebration

On this episode of Dex’s Diner Talk, Will has come home from the biggest Star Wars Event, Star Wars Celebration.  He comes back with stories and talks about the craziness that is celebration.  He discusses Panels and even meeting new friends and hanging out with some old ones too,  Please enjoy this episode of Dex’s Diner Talk.

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Dex’s Diner Talk: Episode 2 – 5 Things We Like About the Prequels.

Welcome back to another Episode of Dex’s Diner Talk with Will and Bacchi.  Today we have a special Guest, Nick Carlucci.  Join our Players as they discuss their favorite things about the Star Wars Prequels.  Can our players stay on Topic this time.  Check it out on Episode 2- 5 Things we Like about the Prequels.



Episode 1: The Beggining of the End

This is the first episode of Dex’s Diner Talk.  Join Will and Bacchi as they talk about what kind of Star Wars fans they are and feelings on Rogue One.  Also, some expanded universe talk, and end with “the question.”  So grab a cup of Jawa juice and join us for a nice star wars discussion.