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Random Access Memory Sessions usually include us talking about whatever we feel like ranging from our feelings on Batfleck to our favorite ways to watch Anime.

RAM Part 1: Minecraft Shenanigans and Favorite Comic Book Characters

Welcome to Part 1 of our 2nd RAM Session.  RAM as you know stands for Random Access Memory.  So Join our players as they talk about certain, and random things.  Today’s players are James, Will, Andrew, David, and Bacchi.



RAM Episode 1 Celebrity Crushes

Join our players for our first Random Access Memory Session, which isn’t too Random.   This will be the first Episode featuring our friend Bacchi!  Everybody has this talk, depending if you are a man or women.  Who are your Celebrity crushes.  Join our players as they discuss the famous people whom they would drop everything for to get a shot with them.


Players in this session are:

Jimmy Jam Jam, David, Andrew, and Bacchi.