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    You want to make sure that you give him a good system, but you are not sure what you need to spend money on and where you can save a few bucks. Once you have the main computer, there are 5 peripherals that most computers have, each with choices at the high and low end.The first common peripheral all computers have is a monitor. Of all the peripherals, this is the one that, although it could be gotten cheaply, might be a little better to go ahead and splurge on. Get the biggest screen that you can afford. This will make viewing the items on the screen much easier. One reason to spend money on a monitor is that with careful selection, the monitor can also double as a TV screen, making it a multi-purpose peripheral. Newer monitors are less bulky than older monitors, saving space and making them easier to move quickly. A monitor is necessary for the computer to function.Another peripheral all computers have is the keyboard. Now, if the user may be floating around the room, it can be worth having a wireless keyboard. But in most cases, you can save a lot of money by going to a used computer store and buying an old keyboard. Make sure that the keyboard has a PS2 or a USB connector. These are the two most common connections for computers today. Most computers will not boot if they do not detect a keyboard.Though less critical, another very common peripheral is a point-and-click device. The most common of these is a mouse. For someone that may be moving around a lot, even with a laptop, it can be worth the expense to buy a wireless mouse. Make sure to buy the highest resolution mouse you can afford. If movement isn’t a requirement, a good optical mouse may be available at a used computer store or you can get one new for a little more. Other point-and-click devices might include a touchpad or a trackball. These are less common than the mouse, but they can be used if desired.One common peripheral that some computers might not have are speakers. If sound isn’t critical for the user, this is an option that can be left out. Even if you do decide to use speakers, getting a cheap speaker or a used speaker will be more than enough for most users.The last common peripheral is the printer. This allows the user to print documents. Photo printers are getting better at the quality of their printing in terms of appearance, but the cost are high and quality in terms of durability is low compared to taking the photos to a lab. In most cases, a low to medium end bubble jet printer will barcode printer distributor provide a lot of flexibility for the average user.All computers must have a monitor and keyboard. Most usually have a mouse and speakers, and some even have printers. Of all the components, the mouse, the keyboard, and the speakers, while having high end options, can provide the best cost savings. The printer can also provide savings, but by buying at the lower end rather than the upper end. And the monitor is the best place to spend money to add quality to a system.

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