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    Visiting Berlin while on an educational tour can be an unforgettable experience, along with the art exhibited within the city’s museums is different and expansive. Whether your interest is in art or design you will find tons to appeal to your interest within this wonderful city. Things are all there to be noticed in the classics towards the contemporary.

    Modern Art. Should your educational tour carries a focus on modern art, one museum that may definitely perform your itinerary may be the majestic white Hamburger Bahnhof, on Invalidenstrasse. It turned out built being a train station in 1847 which is now a light-filled space perfectly worthy of exhibit great pieces of art. It houses sets from work by the German performance artist Joseph Beuys to Lichtenstein and Warhol. Warhol’s Mao is on permanent exhibition here.

    Classic Treasures. Museum Island will be the site of 5 of Berlin’s greatest museums: The Bode, The previous National Gallery, The Altes, The Neues and The Pergamon. Around 70% with the buildings around the island were destroyed during World war 2, but following a massive reconstruction and modernisation programme at the conclusion of the 20th century, all five museums have recently been restored. Today, art and design students on an educational tour of Berlin will discover these five museums hold many wonderful collections.

    The Bode Museum is home to an accumulation Byzantium art dating in the 3rd to the 15th centuries. What’s more, it props up extensive sculpture collection which was properties of the Prussian Royal Family, and includes many examples of Italian and German sculptures including Antonio Canova’s beautiful Dancer.

    The Old National Gallery exhibits a substantial number of Nineteenth century paintings and sculpture and possesses work by so many of Germany’s greatest painters plus a quantity of French Impressionist works. Many functions by Berlin’s own Albert van Menzel are exhibited on this neo-Classical building.

    The Altes Museum appears to be a Greek Corinthian Temple, and inside you’ll find Greek and Roman artefacts. Whereas within the Neues you will discover prehistoric, early past and Egyptian art pieces, with a bust of Queen Nefertiti.

    Finally The Pergamon, that is said to be the most visited museum in Berlin, houses an accumulation of Egyptian and Babylonian antiquities, that include the Ishtar Gate of Babylon and also the Pergamon Altar after which it the museum is known as.

    Classic Design. The Brohan Museum will attract you are not a desire for the Art Nouveau and Art Deco periods. The exhibits here include fine types of from porcelain, glass and furniture right through to paintings from the Berlin Secessionist painters. There’s also a room focused on functions by the Art Nouveau artist Henry van de Velde. Designers exhibited include Emile Ruhlman and Peter Behrens. Exhibits give a geniune representation of just living spaces during the Art Nouveau, Art Deco and Functionalism periods.

    Berlin is often a city where art and design can be seen in all their forms and is sure to be a journey of discovery for college students of design with an educational tour. It is all totally there from the pre-historic to contemporary art.

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