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    Supply chain management bridges the gap between your point of production and also the reason for consumption successfully. It aims at managing dynamic and complex supply and demand network effectively. With employing this service, companies can improve their business process by assembling sellers, hr as well as their knowledge, technology, transportation and retailing systems; thereby turning procurement of products, their warehousing, transportation and distribution comfortable. While supply chain management involves all these services, logistics management covers the transportation with the resources up to their distribution.

    Supply chain, in fact, extends back towards the days when the ‘barter system’ was initially introduced in the history of commerce. Dominance of disorderly services during this time cannot allow it to be as known as it is these days. Management experts, now-a-days, have applied their experiences about logistics system into this segment, improved the infrastructure by making use of the latest technologies to streamline the stream of services and expedited the rate of transportation with a variety of new-age vehicles with multiple of facilities including space and storage. Better transportation, better technologies, far better management services of those days have influenced the downstream and upstream from the system. Undeniably, a planned out, integrated and strategically coordinated management has made this possible.

    Despite its widespread popularity, logistics is frequently confused with the definition of management when included with it. Without management, it denotes the strategies of correlating with producers, wholesalers, distributors, retailers and consumers who are in ways or any other interlinked through the flows of merchandise. Alternatively, its management services act to link them by transporting or shipping the supplies towards the points of demands, warehousing them, distributing them and conserving of which properly so that they are not damaged or decomposed. Sometimes, products are transferred in one point to another bypassing 1 or 2 logistics points. But, this happens seldom because this gives rise to disorders inside the chain-system.

    Goal of Introducing Supply Chain Management: It strives consistently to lower costs and responsibilities. Look at a picture of trading where producers are transporting their goods with their end-users directly. Now, imagine what advantages those producers may gain and what disadvantages they may have to handle. They might gain a superior and direct relationship together with the end-users at the expense of excess expenses. But, companies are not built upon the motto of building relationship at the cost of the extra expenses. The bottom expenses an enterprise can ensure the higher profits commemorate. This management service has helped these business-links get a better price by ensuring smooth and speedy procurement, transportation, storage and distribution methods for the products.

    Process of Cost Reduction: Expert executives in this field analyze the present production and distribution methods to formulate cost-efficient ones. They attempt to get techniques that help them procure products at the lowest prices. Those executives share logistical experiences and data with those engaged in this field to ensure that each of the fellows have understood the benefits. Transporting products straight away to most effective and quickest involves several risks including damages and decomposition with the products besides higher expenses. But, while transporting those products by having a managed logistic service via different points of networks; the security from the products against damages, decomposition along with the cost-reduction can be guaranteed. This uses long run trucks with refrigeration system, enclosed flatbed vehicles, as well as kinds of freight shipping services. With with them, transportation of goods or consumables is becoming smooth, safe and speedy.

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