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    Granted this was a citywide event in Portland, closing down bridges and highways, however, our kids were hooked by the promise of riding to the highest bridges in the city, normally 8 foot bridge impassable by bike, not to mention savory snacks along the way!Another unforgettable adventure this past summer was canoeing. Nothing worth doing is ever easy, was the lesson I taught them that day, as we all felt a great sense of accomplishment and FFF camaraderie!Forced Family Fun accomplishment is generally our feeling as parents, whether we experience hours of family fun, or thankfulness having finished a seemingly impossible task outnumbered by four children, as was the case in Glenwood Springs, CO. In 2015, we set out on a gorgeous fall day hike to Hanging Lake, a top Trip Advisor destination, only to regret our decision as parents halfway to our destination. Coloradans at the time, we were not deterred by the difficult hike; however, in hindsight the trail should’ve been closed given the icy alpine terrain. Thankful to have survived the ‘Expedition Survival’ trek as a family, I promptly wrote a Trip Advisor review, urging folks to postpone until summer. Nevertheless, it was another spectacularly gorgeous Colorado wonder and memorable bonding experience as a family.Extreme FFF; don’t let the faces fool you…Not every Forced Family Fun event requires extreme conditions, great expense or extraordinary feats of athleticism. Tent camping while learning to build a fire and roast s’mores together and game nights wherein everyone chooses their favorite board game, can be equally entertaining.I’ll admit it’s easy to let electronics babysit your children or constantly say yes to teenage engagements outside the home, parenting takes stamina. On the other hand, building a garden box, discovering slugs and snails on a nature hike, and a sand castle competition on the Oregon coast have provided countless hours creativity and memories to last a lifetime.Parents, be courageous, don’t fret your children’s initial disdain, and remember, with participation, everyone can have a voice in your democracy. My children sometimes comply begrudgingly, however, they all value Forced Family Fun and their friends know it. Create family bonding experiences while you have the time together. No regrets. I guarantee success, from first-hand experience, if you make it a family habit!Step oneFigure out a place for your bridge. The basis of the bridge should be on sound, dry ground. Evaluate your place and buy components.Step twoArea one pair of concrete pier blocks at every stop of the bridge location. Dig down or create up in order to make certain that the blocks are degree with every single other.Step threeConnect beams to the pier blocks. Place the pier blocks 1 length of beam a element. Connect the beams employing metallic straps.Action 4Build railing posts for each and every side of the bridge, if preferred. Cautiously evaluate the top of the posts to make confident they are even. Set the posts in incremental spacing to make certain that the railing is supportive and powerful.Step fiveLower the planks to a duration that allows them to lay fully above every single beam but not as well much in excess of the sides of the bridge.Step 6

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