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    A marriage license authorizes two individuals to get married. The said paper and the marriage certificate that follows after the marital ceremony are considered as legal documents and becomes part of the vital records of every state. However, one must always keep in mind that the acquisition of a marriage permit must be first on the list in order for a nuptial to take place. Most often, there is an age requirement for those who want to secure a marriage license. A typical marriage license will give you important details such as the name of the parties to the wedding, the date and location of the martial union and the name of the person who performed the wedding. In case you want to inquire about a certain marital event in your region, you can refer to the various web resources or you can browse the Hall County marriage records via the worldwide web.In the state of Georgia, the chief repository of all marriage records is the Vital Records Office. The said bureau keeps a registry of all marital unions in the said region from year 1952. However, if the marriage decree you are looking for was dated before the said year, then the best place to approach is the Probate Court of the specific county where the wedding ceremony took place.In Georgia, a marriage certificate is not considered as a confidential document, this means that the state can issue certified copies of the said legal paper to anyone from the general public. However, a copy of the marriage license application can only be released to the bride and groom.If you wish to get a certified copy of a marriage decree, you can download the marriage certificate request form through the Vital Records Office’ online facility. It is important that you complete the details required to avoid delay in your request. You need to properly and accurately indicate the complete name of the bride and groom and the date and location of their marriage. After accomplishing the said form, you can bring the same to the above-mentioned office. Or, you can opt to have it mailed but be certain that you include your payment in the amount of $10.00 through certified check or money order to complete your application. All orders made via postal services will be sent to the requesting party via first class mail.If you are in the process of setting up your family tree and you need some information about the marital unions of your relatives, the easiest method you can use to gather relevant facts is through the Internet. Online resources are all-over the worldwide web and you can choose the web location that can give you the information you desire. All the more, you can even make verification online via the Hall County marriage license records. You can conduct your research without paying a single centavo or you can also choose to make use of the online features which requires a one-time payment of a registration fee in exchange for the services they extend.

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