Dex’s Diner Talk: Episode 2 – 5 Things We Like About the Prequels.

Welcome back to another Episode of Dex’s Diner Talk with Will and Bacchi.  Today we have a special Guest, Nick Carlucci.  Join our Players as they discuss their favorite things about the Star Wars Prequels.  Can our players stay on Topic this time.  Check it out on Episode 2- 5 Things we Like about the Prequels.



Episode 1: The Beggining of the End

This is the first episode of Dex’s Diner Talk.  Join Will and Bacchi as they talk about what kind of Star Wars fans they are and feelings on Rogue One.  Also, some expanded universe talk, and end with “the question.”  So grab a cup of Jawa juice and join us for a nice star wars discussion.

Supernatural Campaign: Rituals

Join our Players as they play their third game of this Supernatural Campaign.  Will they kick this new foes ass, or will it be too much for out players.  Today’s players are Matt Attack, David Zero, Vobskin, Sanjay, God (Jimmy Jam Jam), and Special Guest TOFR.

Discussion: Video Game Movies (Drunk Addition)

Please Join our Players for a drunk debate as they discuss their favorite, and least favorite Video Game movies.

How far off topic will they go today, since Alcohol will now have a huge factor on their attention spans.


Eerie Music by David Szesztay.

Check it out here:


Supernatural RPG Campaign: Episode 1: The Essential Journey

Join our Players for the first game of our Supernatural Campiagn: The Essential Journey.  Please Enjoy this new story, from the supernatural world.


The Supernatural Corebook is written by Jamie Chambers.  All rights belong to the CW.

Bonus Episode: Bat-Fleck Discussion

Well, Here it is, the Fabled Bat-Fleck Discussion.  This is one of the first episodes we ever recorded.   Superman Vs Batman, Dawn of Justice has since come out, and most of us have seen it.  Our feelings about that movie will be out sometime in the future.   This episode features 2 voices we haven’t heard yet.  Today’s players are James, David, Drew, Matt, Tofr, and John.  Please enjoy.

RAM Part 1: Minecraft Shenanigans and Favorite Comic Book Characters

Welcome to Part 1 of our 2nd RAM Session.  RAM as you know stands for Random Access Memory.  So Join our players as they talk about certain, and random things.  Today’s players are James, Will, Andrew, David, and Bacchi.



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