RAM Part 1: Minecraft Shenanigans and Favorite Comic Book Characters

Welcome to Part 1 of our 2nd RAM Session.  RAM as you know stands for Random Access Memory.  So Join our players as they talk about certain, and random things.  Today’s players are James, Will, Andrew, David, and Bacchi.



Which Universe Would You Be a Villain In?

This Discussion is brought to you by “Did I just say that out loud?” Bypass.

Join our Players as they discuss what Universe they would be a villain in.  Our players today are James, David, Sanjay, Andrew, and Will with special guest, lets just call her Smith.


Today’s backround music for our ad has been made by Scott Holmes.  Check out his stuff at



If you like his stuff, you can donate to it here.




Part 2: Would You Rather?

This is Part 2 of our discussion from last week.  Join our players as they now play a game of “Would you Rather?” and some other random tangents.

Our players today are still, James, David, Andrew, Will, and Bacchi.


Part 1: Technology Ruin’s Us

Join our players for Part 1 of this discussion.    How is technology destroying our lives, or improving them.  Learn the opinions of the players and please leave us comments with your opinions.

Players tonight are, James, David, Will, Andrew, and Bacchi.

Console Vs Handheld Vs PC Gaming

Join our players as they discuss their favorite type of gaming, why the think it’s the best, and what can be better about it the other forms of gaming.  Today’s players are Jimmy Jam Jam, Sandross, Zero, and Volstag.

Powers With Drawbacks


This podcast today is brought to you buy Exo-Crackers.

Join our Players as they discuss having Powers, with some kind of drawback…would you still want them, or would the draw back be too severe?  Today’s Players, Jimmy Jam Jam, Will “Volstag”, David “Zero”, and Andrew “Sandross” and Special Guest not wanting to introduce herself..lets just call her Smith.


Music for Exo-Crackers Commercial:

Heftone Banjo Orchastra

Check out their Album here

No Changes were made to this audio, and we would like to thank Heftone Bango Orchastra and their song Music Box Rag for making this Possible.  If you like what you heard, you can check them out on freemusicarchive.org.



RAM Episode 1 Celebrity Crushes

Join our players for our first Random Access Memory Session, which isn’t too Random.   This will be the first Episode featuring our friend Bacchi!  Everybody has this talk, depending if you are a man or women.  Who are your Celebrity crushes.  Join our players as they discuss the famous people whom they would drop everything for to get a shot with them.


Players in this session are:

Jimmy Jam Jam, David, Andrew, and Bacchi.

80’s and 90’s Cartoon Discussion. Episode 1

Please Join, Jimmy Jam Jam, Sandross, Zero, Volstag, and our guest Amanda, as we discuss cartoon shows of the 80’s and 90’s.  Why they worked? What didn’t work, and the later adaptations of which we loved/hate and whether we agree with each other or not.


A little Info on our friend.  Amanda has been a long standing nerd as the rest of us.     She is a scientist and loves what she does.  She also works with the company “Mad Science” and teaches kids why science is cool.  Her Idol is Billy Nye “The Science Guy”.

Unexpected Guest Wayne:  Volstags father, and we love him, makes an appearance in this episode.


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